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ghosts on a train

In 1968 Robert Terry asked Lothar Struff to join his band, ASIAN FLU, a local band in Toledo, Ohio. That was the start of a journey which has spanned more than three decades. Playing the local venues around Detroit and Toledo they shared the stage with artists like Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes, and Joe Walsh and the James Gang. ASIAN FLU soon disbanded but the desire to write and sing together remained. As two members of an acoustic trio named Zaftig they toured the college coffeehouse circuit and opened a stadium concert for Richie Havens shortly after his Woodstock glory. Vocals and songwriting have always been the focal point of Struff & Terry and over the years they've collaborated with some wonderful artists; Amy Holland, Michael McDonald, Paul Williams, and Joel Sonnier to name a few. Now the journey has come full circle and they're back to doing what they like best. Writing and singing together.